Dedicated to the tireless

Disability does not necessarily mean exclusion from outdoor activities. Inspired by the passion and mutual devotion of partners, we decided to create a vehicle that meets their needs and gives the opportunity to spend time together in a spirit of competition.

Created for competitions and competitors

In cooperation with the pioneers of Dual Marathon in Poland, we have created a vehicle dedicated to lovers of this dynamically developing branch of sport. The DM01 uncompromisingly combines the performance with the comfort and safety of both the runner and the passenger.

Lightweight, stylish and durable

DM01 is a modern wheelchair created especially for duets starting in long-distance runs. Made from super-light carbon fiber laminate, it is characterized by high rigidity, strength and sporty style with maintained low weight.


The main features of the DM-01

DM-01 was created for users and their comfort. The ergonomic position of the passenger and the comfortable, easy-to-clean upholstery prevent any discomfort that could ruin the enjoyment of running together. The runner has at his disposal a steering wheel, the position of which can be modified on many levels, allowing you to adjust it to your needs and comfort.

Are you considering starting in a marathon? Do you want to share your passion with a person close to you who can’t participate in the race on their own? Or maybe you want to have a good time together and be able to enjoy activities in the fresh air? Contact us and order your own DM01!