Hubless electric wheelchair

Function and style packed into compact form

The elevated seat, being the key aspect of the wheelchair, addresses both the physical and mental needs of the user. It allows the user to access hard to reach areas and makes it easier to take an active part in a conversation, raising oneself to the height of the conversational partners.

Top performance both indoors and outdoors

The Electron electric wheelchair is designed for a wide range of applications. With 4-wheel suspension and wide tires, it will comfortably overcome gravel roads. Narrow construction allows getting through doors with a width of 80cm, and the control system together with powered front wheels will allow turning on the spot in a narrow corridor. As a result, the wheelchair will find use both in the office and as a means of transportation to get where it was not previously possible.

Our hubless wheel - compaction through paten pending innovation

Hubless wheel equals more space. We used it for the electronics and suspension as well as our patented lifting mechanism placement.
Space reduction granted by the Electron’s hubless wheels limits its overall weight to only 70 kg and maximizes its travel range that can reach 50 km.

Always fully charged

The batteries of today’s phones are a torment, especially for people who are forced to rely on others in their daily lives. Therefore, to prevent the possibility of losing contact with loved ones when you most need it, Electron has an inductive charger that allows you to quickly charge your phone in a place designed to hold it. It also has the ability to traditionally connect devices “by wire”.

The main features of the Electron

Why settle for the ordinary electric mobility device if you can have Electron? This electric, hubless wheelchair is a state-of-the-art mobility product, packed with novelty while retaining utility. Whether you want to travel the streets or the gravel, cruise through the curbs or the office halls, Electron’s got you covered! Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!