Modular carbon fiber wheelchair

Get to know Freeasy

Our flagship wheelchair of unprecedented mobility and stunning design. Handmade from carbon fiber laminate, superlight and very nimble wheelchair for everyday use.

Extremely lightweight

Freeasy is handmade from the finest carbon fiber laminates, that provide reduced weight whilst maintaining rigidity and durability.

Beautifully handcrafted

No more boring tubes and boxy shapes. Structural parts of Freeasy are made for durability and reliability, but also for distinction and style.

Simple, superior design

We have perfected the single-mould production process to provide you with a simple yet beautiful monocoque frame that will last a lifetime.

Easy to customize

We believe that every personal device should be perfectly fitted. That is why Freeasy is fully adjustable, from the footrest to the seat, with no third party involved in the process.


Regulate the center of gravity by 5-step adjustment of the axle-frame position.


Stepless adjustment for precise grip regulation and tire fitting.


5-step adjustment of the footrest for the perfect fit under different everyday scenarios.


Adjust your position on the wheelchair through an easy, stepless regulation of the seat.


Whether you prefer more aggressive wheelchair position or a laidback comfort Freeasy’s backrest comes with different angle adaptors to accommodate both.

Freeasy Quick Release System

No more transportation hassle - our patented Freeasy system seat gives you the comfort of immediate detachment of the seat through the Quick Release platform. Loading your wheelchair into a car has never been easier!

Bucket seat

Two Seating Systems Available

Regular belt seat for those preferring versatility and simplicity or a bucket seat for extra comfort and uniqueness.

Modular, Carbon Fiber Structure

Components of Freeasy are easily replaceable and adjustable, but clever mounting system assure excellent rigidity.

Classic seat

Transport weight – from 4,4kg

Maximum user weight – 110kg

Seat width – 36-42cm in 2cm increments

Seat depth – 36-46cm in 2cm increments

Seat angle – 0-9°

Backrest height – 27-40cm

Backrest angle – 81-99°




in 2cm increments



in 2cm increments




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Freeasy - luxury has never come easier

Finest carbon fiber laminates packed into a modern design - it is that Easy! We proudly present Freeasy - a one-of-a-kind, superlight wheelchair of impeccable appearance and robust construction. Modular and fully adjustable, this wheelchair will surely meet the most sophisticated requirements of modern day users. Please don’t hesitate to contact us - we are sure that Freeasy is the right product for you!