The Background

Project EASY started up as a vision of a wheelchair with embedded simplicity. Simplicity of both construction and usability, with user’s experience as the focal point. First prototypes were made around the model of 3D-printed monostructure that allowed for some interesting research on the geometry. With every subsequent iteration of a slightly modified 3D-printed prototype we learned more about how to improve further towards the optimum.

This allowed us each time to refer not only to a simulated model, but also to a physical, functioning wheelchair with some of its performance that can’t be computer simulated. This is the way that every module of CarboEasy had gone through, a scientific process of gradual improvement before becoming a shiny carbon fiber part.

Surprisingly Adaptive

Independent adjustment of seat position and axle setting provides extra wide range of adaptation that can satisfy both new and experienced users.

Simple, Yet Uncanny Design

No more boring tubes and boxy shapes. Structural parts of CarboEasy are made for durability and reliability, but also for distinction and style.

Comfort and safety

Upholstery sewn from high quality, fireproof fabric was designed with users and their everyday efforts in mind. Carefully selected materials provide air access to the skin, are nice in touch and easy to clean. The cushion with Memory Foam provided with the bucket version adapts to the user’s anatomy under the influence of pressure and body heat and ensures appropriate weight distribution.

The anatomically-shaped backrest of the bucket version has been specifically designed to improve proper back position of the user. It wraps around the back in a way that offers optimal position of the torso, provides extra support without pressure points and doesn’t limit one’s moves.

The main features of the CarboEasy

The placement of large powered wheels at the front makes it easy to negotiate obstacles such as curbs or potholes in the road, to drive over grass, mud or snow without the assistance of a third party.

The batteries of today’s phones are a torment, especially for people who are forced to rely on others in their daily lives. Therefore, to prevent the possibility of losing contact with loved ones when you most need it, Electron has an inductive charger that allows you to quickly charge your phone in a place designed to hold it. It also has the ability to traditionally connect devices “by wire”.





in 2cm increments



in 2cm increments




Transport weight – from 4,4kg

Maximum user weight – 110kg

Seat width – 36-42cm in 2cm increments

Seat depth – 36-46cm in 2cm increments

Seat angle – 0-9°

Backrest height – 27-40cm

Backrest angle – 81-99°

Are you considering starting in a marathon? Do you want to share your passion with a person close to you who can’t participate in the race on their own? Or maybe you want to have a good time together and be able to enjoy activities in the fresh air? Contact us and order your own ELECTRON!