Function and style packed into compact form

The idea around which the Electron was developed is the elevating seat, which addresses both the physical and mental needs of the user. This is a key aspect of the wheelchair, giving the user the ability to access hard to reach areas in the highest position. At the same time, it lowers the center of gravity and improves the stability of the wheelchair when moving at higher speeds in the lowest position.

Even more important, however, was the psychological aspect during the user’s daily interactions with non-disabled people. Raising oneself to the height of the conversational partners allows the user to automatically feel more confident and makes it easier to take an active part in the conversation without “being looked down upon”.

The Electron electric wheelchair is designed for a wide range of applications. With 4-wheel suspension and wide tires, it will comfortably overcome gravel roads. Narrow construction allows getting through doors with a width of 80cm, and the control system together with powered front wheels will allow turning on the spot in a narrow corridor. As a result, the wheelchair will find use both in the office and as a means of transportation to get where it was not previously possible.

Patent pending technology cleverly packed in the hubless wheel design

The dimensions of the wheelchair have been reduced in an innovative way — by implementing hubless wheels in the design. This means that the tire is mounted on the rim, which instead of being mounted on the hub near the center of rotation in the traditional way — through the rim or spokes — travels on rollers located just under the rim. Space that frees up is used for the electronics and suspension to be placed inside the wheel. This feature is also emphasized by the enclosure, which has holes in the front part of the wheelchair that allow you to put your hand through a moving wheel.

In the space created by the hubless wheel, a patented lifting and suspension module is placed, which allows the user to be lifted and at the same time is responsible for seat shock absorption.

Thanks to the optimization of the load—bearing structure elements and the use of various materials, ranging from plastics, through aluminum, stainless steel to carbon fiber, the weight of the wheelchair has been minimized to 70 kg, allowing it to reach a range of about 50 km.

The main features of the Electron

The placement of large powered wheels at the front makes it easy to navigate through obstacles such as curbs or potholes in the road, to drive over grass, mud or snow without the assistance of a third party.

The batteries of today’s phones are a torment, especially for people who are forced to rely on others in their daily lives. Therefore, to prevent the possibility of losing contact with loved ones when you most need it, Electron has an inductive charger that allows you to quickly charge your phone in a place designed to hold it. It also has the ability to traditionally connect devices “by wire”.